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JULY 1-7, 2023

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Studio Of The Year Award

$8,000 PRIZE 

$3,500 Cash Prize + $3,500 Regional Credit + $1,000 DanceFest Credit

(To be used during the 2023-2024 ADE Regionals or  THE DANCE FEST (Click Here for Info)

The Winner of Studio Of The Year will be invited to perform selected routines at THE DANCE FEST 2023

The Studio of the Year Award is given to a studio that demonstrates excellence in dance education throughout a variety of dance styles, levels and age divisions.


In order to be eligible for Studio Of The Year, studios must register at least 20 routines at our Season Finale.


-9-10 Solos or Duets/Trios

-10-12 Small (4-9 Dancers) or Large Group/Line (10-21 Dancers) Group Routines

-1 Production (22+ Dancers) Routine

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