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JULY 6-12, 2024

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Studio Of The Year Award

$10,000 PRIZE 

$4,000 Cash Prize + $3,000 Regional Credit + $3,000 Nationals Credit

(To be used during the 2024-2025 ADE Regionals or  Nationals 2025.


To award a Runner Up Studio a minimum of 5 studios will need to be nominated.


$2,500 credit for Regionals and $2,500 credit for Nationals

The Studio of the Year Award is given to a studio that demonstrates excellence in dance education throughout a variety of dance styles, levels, and age divisions.


To be eligible for Studio Of The Year, studios must register at least 20 routines at our Season Finale.


-12 Solos or Duets/Trios

-8 Small or Large Groups, Line or Productions

True Spirit Studio Award

$2,000 credit for Regionals

$2,000 credit for Nationals

It is awarded to the studio that exceeded professionalism, support, and kindness all week long during backstage in competitions and classes.

A role model who leaves a clear example of how to care for one another and keep an impeccable level of respect for one other.

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