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Prodigy All-Stars Program + Emerging Art


The Prodigy All-Star Program is an opportunity for selected dancers to train with our elite faculty for an entire year for FREE! Events include but are not limited to Workshops, Conventions and In-Studio Events.

Artistic Dance Exchange is excited to provide the opportunity to teach these scholarship recipients the professionalism and discipline required to become proficient in the business and art of dance while keeping a fun and exciting atmosphere.

ADE will be auditioning for this program in every city. Dancers must be registered for the convention classes in order to be eligible for the Prodigy All-Star Program.

Prodigy All-Stars selected at ADE regional events will receive FREE convention classes, 50% discount master classes, and stage workshop fees. This coming season, Prodigy All-Stars will be eligible to receive scholarships towards tuition for summer nationals! 

  • Offering a wide range of exposure to industry knowledge that will help carve the way in the dance business or any business.

  • Teaching the expectations and value of being an assistant and role model

  • Creating professional performance opportunities so that students may actively showcase their artistic talents

  • Establishing effective communication channels and the importance of time management and commitment to your family, your studio and yourself



9-12 years old

Teen & Seniors Advanced

13-19 years old



The Prodigy All-Stars will be able to audition during our SEASON FINALE for our highest scholarships:  NOBLE PRODIGY & DANCER OF THE YEAR


ADE will provide you with FREE Registration, FREE masterclasses, and rehearsals for as long as you are part of the Program.

Noble Dancers will get to assist our faculty on stage during all convention classes and STAGE WORKSHOPS. They will also get to perform a different piece each weekend choreographed by the faculty.



Noble Prodigies will be given FREE observer passes for parents or guardians. Maximum of 2 per dancer for each regional event.

Nobles will be eligible for exclusive scholarships at regionals for Nationals & The DanceFest

Noble Prodigies cannot compete with a SOLO or DUET at a regional competition

They MAY still compete with their studio in all other categories (groups, lines, production, etc.). You will still be to compete for your solo at Nationals and re-audition for Noble again if the age limit permits. 

If a junior noble is between 12 - 13 years old, they will be available to re-audition for Noble again. The faculty will determine the age placement if they remain a junior noble or qualify as a teen noble or teen prodigy all-star. 




A Prodigy All - Star will always be an example to fellow dancers with an exuberant positive attitude in and out of class.
A Prodigy All - Star will always be humble & respectful to the faculty, staff & other dancers.
A Prodigy All - Star will perform 100% in every class, full of energy and passion!
A Prodigy All - Star is a role model for others; always striving to improve and working hard to keep the Prodigy Program values elevated.
A Prodigy All - Star will ALWAYS show up on time, ready to dance & inspire!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that the scholarship is ONLY valid for conventions & workshops, no competition entries.

ADE will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Be aware of the status and know that all eyes are on prodigies as brand ambassadors.

If found acting in an unacceptable manner by disrespecting ARTISTIC DANCE EXCHANGE or any of its customers, faculty or staff at anytime, you will be removed from the program.



Senior & Noble (16 and up) will be expected to work during the competition.

•    You may be asked to assist in some of the following areas:
•    Scholarship Numbers
•    Set Up
•    Greeting
•    Working Backstage and Holding Room during our Performances.

For all shifts, please arrive on time and dressed in black pants (no dance clothing) and black shoes. You will be required to wear you Prodigy shirt, please wear it for your working shift in each city. Your apparel should be dressy-casual to present yourself in a professional manner. Crew schedule to be emailed to you prior to the workshop.



Starting this season all current and new Prodigy & Noble dancers are invited to take advantage of this exciting new endeavor that ADE will be offering to those who are interested in pursuing a professional career in dance and the performing arts!

With THE DREAMERS PERFORMANCE COMPANY, dancers will be taken to the next level by learning in a semiprofessional setting to help develop their skills prepare them for what’s to come in the industry.

What do I do now? What happens after I graduate from High School and my local dance studio as a young adult and want to pursue a career in dance? What are my options with my dance experience?

We all know how exciting and life-changing it gets at the time you finish High School and transition into your young adult life and perhaps college. There are lots of different feelings and emotions and your life seems to change so quickly! 

​ADE is looking to help bridge that gap and give an opportunity for young professionals to gather the necessary skills and ​guidance to continue their dance careers.

ADE sees that for many young artists it is not always easy to get opportunities to find artistic growth during their young adult or college years, and sometimes they feel disconnected from the dance community they were in 24/7 when they were younger. This lack of opportunity makes it difficult for young dance professionals to find a place in the industry. It is our hope to provide that structure and mentorship so young dancers can find their niche in the industry.



OUR Dreamers will get to transition into young adult life and college but still be able to keep engaging and learning from our faculty and guest choreographers in multiple ways.

To learn more, and find out about all the opportunities, please click on the link below: