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JULY 1-7, 2023

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All VIP Tables are reserved seating this year!


  • The Gala is held on the last day of Nationals and will kick off with the red carpet. 

  • Red Carpet with cash bar & snacks for parents & teachers, and the ADE Dance-Off with DJ Omari!

  • The evening is jam-packed with performances featuring:

​       -Opening & Closing Numbers

       -Prodigies & Nobles pieces

       -ALL Top 1st Overall

        (competition routines solos & groups)

       -Faculty Invitationals

       -Studio Of The Year Nominees.

        (Click HERE for more INFO)

       -Dancer Of The Year Finalists

       -Emerging Choreographer Nominees

       -Oustanding Group Performances

       -International Exchange Programs

        (All Routine Nominees to Argentina)

       -Special Guest Performance

       -Over $100,000 in Scholarships!

  • All Gala tickets include the Red Carpet and Gala Performance.


  • Limited General Admission $45 

  • VIP Seating $95 each Includes Exclusive VIP Ticketed Table Seating - Seats up to 10 people at each table - Includes 2 bottles of wine at a VIP table. - Assortment of Hors d'Oeuvres - dancers will need to pay for VIP seating if requested.

  • ALL VIP Tickets are reserved seating this year! 

  • All FRONT VIP Tables are sold as a FULL TABLE.

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