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is partnering with Capstone Diagnostics

ADE is partnering with to offer onsite rapid COVID 19 testing at all of our events!!


-The testing methodology being utilized is PCR, collected via nasopharyngeal swab 


-All samples collected through-out the conference weekend will be processed at the laboratory on Monday morning and be reported Monday evening.


-Reports will be emailed directly to the patient/family member


-Before testing, the patient will need to fill out a short lab requisition form and provide their health insurance information. 


-Uninsured patients can still be tested but may need to provide some additional information i.e. valid driver's license or SSN


-Testing is open to all dancers, family members, and staff


About Capstone Healthcare


Qualified: A veteran-led, experienced scientific and management team with over 100 years of combined laboratory expertise. Our leaders have decades of professional experience with company’s such as Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, AmeriPath, DIANON Systems, Quest, and multiple regional clinical and esoteric laboratories. 

Certified: Our facility is Joint Commissioned/CLIA certified. CAP certification completed in 2020. We currently provide the highest quality diagnostic and genetic laboratory testing services with a focus on data mining and analytics. With Next-Generation Sequencing and Real-Time PCR platforms, we offer Pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing, Hereditary Cancer (CGx) testing, and a wide range of additional services including UTI, Wound Care, and Toxicology

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